About Haein Song

An Artistic director, Choreographer, Dancer who is passionate about creating multi-cultural performances by finding an interesting convergence between traditional and contemporary culture and arts

haein-66The wind is coming

Haein Song started dance in her early teens. she learned a wide range of dance vocabulary such as Korean dance, ballet, contemporary in the dance department of Gukak National middle and high school.

After studying choreography at Korean National University of Arts, she has a deep interest in creating performance works interacting with diverse genres of arts such as multimedia, costume, and live music.

For example, she has been directing several video works and media led performances since she made the first dance-film ‘the exit’, which won first prize in CJ festivals in 2006. More so, she often designing and creating costumes for her works due to her belief that a costume has a vital role to emphasizing a character of a performance.

With three years experiences of working as an assistant director, choreographer and multi-performer (dancer, singer and percussion player) in a traditional Korean performing arts troupe, Norian Maro Ltd, underpinning her practice has become a desire of delivering traditional culture and arts into contemporary performance structures.

Currently, Haein Song is studying in MA Contemporary Performance Making at Brunel University in London, and working as an associated artist in Norian Maro Ltd.


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