Live musician & Dance/ The wind is coming

2005.12.17 KNUA Studio #105 / 2006.4.22 KNUA Hall

2006.8.23~24  Seoul Fringe Festival, Post Theatre

바람이 분다2-vert

Choreography: Haein Song
Dance:  Haein Song , Ye-ri Kim, Yuon-joo Jung(Bora Yang 05)
Costume: Haein Song
Music: Yuon-joo Jung Hageum-Sanjo

Sometimes the things that we view as most significant to us reveal themselves as trivial aspects of our lives. And sometimes the things that we disregard as trivial turn out to be quite the opposite.

I have gone through many experiences like this. At one point in my life, I tried to keep my mind stable and focused, but now I recognized that what is more important is to embrace changes rather than control things in my life.

For me, the wind stands as a metaphor for these changes in life and in my mind. Like the wind, my mind constantly moves and changes. As there are no rules that inhibit the wind, There are likewise no rules that control my mind. Therefore, there are also no answers that define my mind. Like the wind, my mind is free.

Using the wind as a metaphor of my mind, I tried to express my mind in the dance choreography and show the relationship between myself and the wind through connecting with a ‘hageum’ player on the stage.


가장 소중하다고 느껴졌던 것이 어느 날 소중한 것이 아니게 되고,보잘 것 없다 생각되었던 것이 내게 너무 중요한 것으로 느껴질 때가 있다.이렇듯 나의 마음은 마음속에 흐르는 ‘바람’을 따라 일시에 또는 유유히, 알게 모르게 계속해서 움직인다. 내 마음에는 공식이 없다. 그래서 마음을 정의할 수 있는 답도 없다. 한때는 판단하기 어려운 마음을 억지로 잡으려고만 하였다. 그러나 지금은 마음보다 마음속에 부는 ‘바람’의 존재를 인정하고 싶다. 마음을 움직이는 ‘바람’을 인식하고, 느끼고, 사랑해 주고자 ‘바람’의 존재와 나의 관계를 작품으로 표현해 보았다.


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