Words & Dance/ Hi~How are you?

2006.8.24 Seoul Fringe Festival, Post theatre

Hi~How are you``_04

Choreography: Haein Song

Dance: Ye-ri Kim , Tae-won Kim

Costume: Haein Song

Lingthing: Woo-ri Kim

Length: 16min

A stage seems to me like a special space which audiences and performers exchange greeting and share their feelings in unusal ways. For example, audiences just listen and feel performer’s stories without talking and performers attempt to understand  audiences’s reply by their perceptions. Therefore, their conversation is progressed by unique, peculiar relationships. This peice is prompted by exploring these special and particular relationships between audience and performer in the stage by using certain words (taking, texts, singing and voice) and movements.

무대를 통해 관객은 Performer(공연자)의 이야기를 보고 듣는다. 또 Performer(공연자)는 무대 위에서 말없이 지켜보는 관객을 몸소 느낀다. 이렇게 관객과 Performer가 독특한 방법으로 서로 인사를 나누고 교감하는 공간이 무대다. 나는 이런 관객과 Performer의 관계에 의미를 두고 싶었다.



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