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Ritual music & dance/ Haenyeo dance

7th, Mar 2012 Jeju Culture and Art Theatre Choreopraphe : Haein Song Dance: Haein Song, Minkyung Ha Music: Norian Maro Troupe This piece is about Haenyeo, literally meaning “sea women”, are female divers in Jeju island, Korea. They are representative of the matriarchal family structure of Jeju. This ritual performance shows a storong will of  … Continue reading

Voice, Sound & Dance/ The color of the mind

2008.7.27  The traditional Korean Arts Production Showcase Choreography Song Hae-in Performer:  Hyung-chul Kim, Hee-sung Kim ,Yea-jin Kim , Bo-ra Kim,Bo-mi Jang ,Eun-Mee Jung ,Mee-ae  Joo ,Ae-Rie Kim , Haein Song This piece is a collaboration work with  traditional Korean singers, which explore  relationships  between voice, bodies, and movements. With voice, rhythm and movements, it reflects the color of … Continue reading

Multimedia& Dance/ Into the outside

2008.11.17 Choreograpy departmen graduation show, KNUA hall Choreography: Haein Song Dance: Haein Song, Ye-ri Kim,  je-hoLee,  Ah-young Jung Video directing: Haein Song, Patrick Veal Multimedia operater: Ken Wanthy Sound design: Ye-Young Lee Coustume: Haein Song Lingthing: Jun Ho With actively utilizing self camera shooting and video projecting  during the live performance, This piece try to express  dancers’ thoughts … Continue reading

Filming&Dance / Between this and that

2007.8. 24~25 KNUA small theatre(Seoul) Choreography: Haein Song Peformer: Haein Song, Ye-ri Kim, Hyun do Jung, Maz Irwan Azani Sound design: Yi-young Lee(07.8), Patrick veal(07.11) Linghting: Jung Hwa Kim 도대체 말을 해도 말을 알아듣지 못해요. 말을 한들 다 헛수고이라니깐요, 가끔은 내가 사람이랑 이야기하는 것인지, 저기 저 뭐냐…귀신이랑 이야기하는 것인지 모르겠어요.. 차라리 귀신이랑 이야기 하는 것이 … Continue reading

Multimedia& dance/ A dancing for you

2007  NAFA graduation project, Singapore (took 2nd prize in CSTD Singapore dance competition) 2007.8. 24~25 KNUA New theatre performance, Seoul Choreography : Haein Song Dance: :Haein Song, Maz Irwan Azani(Korea) Edwin Wee, Nico Li (Singapore) Music design: Yee-young Lee Linghting: Jung Hwa Kim 3, 2, 1….이 춤을 달나라에 있는 그 분께 바칩니다. (A dancing for … Continue reading

Words & Dance/ Hi~How are you?

2006.8.24 Seoul Fringe Festival, Post theatre Choreography: Haein Song Dance: Ye-ri Kim , Tae-won Kim Costume: Haein Song Lingthing: Woo-ri Kim Length: 16min A stage seems to me like a special space which audiences and performers exchange greeting and share their feelings in unusal ways. For example, audiences just listen and feel performer’s stories without talking and performers attempt … Continue reading

Live musician & Dance/ The wind is coming

2005.12.17 KNUA Studio #105 / 2006.4.22 KNUA Hall 2006.8.23~24  Seoul Fringe Festival, Post Theatre Choreography: Haein Song Dance:  Haein Song , Ye-ri Kim, Yuon-joo Jung(Bora Yang 05) Costume: Haein Song Music: Yuon-joo Jung Hageum-Sanjo Sometimes the things that we view as most significant to us reveal themselves as trivial aspects of our lives. And sometimes … Continue reading