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Korean traditional dance 2010~2012

2010~2012 Dance: Song Hae in Musician ,Performer: The Norian-maro Troupe These dances are improvising works with Korean traditional music player.   Dosalpuri Dance, 2010 It was based on rhythm of ‘Dosalpuri’ and made for wishing the happiness and health.   Jijun dance,2011 It is a ritual dance with Jijun , a white paper for prevent misfortune and … Continue reading

2009~2012Monthly performance Huten-gut

Monthly performance Huten-gut Period: April 2009~March 2012 (every Wed of First week) Location: Jeju culture& arts theatre Sponsored Managed by: Norian-Maro Ltd Supported by: Jeju  Culture and Arts Foundation, Jehu Folk villege museum